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Mobile Radio Interfaces and Intercom/Headset Systems

Whatever your requirement, land or marine, Rescom™ can provide a versatile solution for your communications needs.
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Vcom™ Vehicle Communication Intercom System
The Vcom™ system provides the clear, reliable, communications you need for land or marine applications.
VC-100 Series - Connect one radio, monitor two. Up to 8 headsets.
VC-200 Series - Connect two radios, and up to 8 headsets.
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With additional features available for Digital Speech Processing and Mic Muting!

ARVIS™ Advanced Rescue Vehicle Intercom System
ARVIS™ provides continuous communication between base station, mobile, airborne, control tower and ARFF personnel. It allows full and independent operation of three two-way radio systems and the monitoring of accessory audio sources. Connect various radios and accessories for complete mobile communication.
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