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With the lowest number of components per user, Rescom® Modular™ offers speed and safety, simultaneously. Improve line management and speed of deployment with continuous communication that is recognized world-wide for it’s clarity, dependability, versatility and ease of use.

Optimize the Safety of Your Team!
Every System is customized to Your Team. Choices include integrated Rescom® Communication Rope, MSHA Approved Cable or DuraCORE™ Communication Cable, for up to 3 miles per user, and Quality headset and microphones to suit each user’s needs and environment. This Full Duplex system is powered by 3 ‘AA’ batteries, with volume controls on each interface. Its smart... yet simple!

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Rescom modular 5 man kit
Rescom Modular Advantages

Easy connection and use = rapid deployment!
MSHA Approved
Intrinsically Safe
Full Duplex
Hardware Simplicity
Superior Sound Quality trusted worldwide
Connecting 2 to 10 people
Lowest number of components to connect
Up to 3 miles per user of continuous communication
Headset, Microphone and Accessories options
Personal Volume Controls
Problem Free Connectivity
Matching Military connectors
Redundant Power Supply
Low Battery indicator for entire team
Non-compromising battery change
Attendant Free System
Highly RF Immune
5 Year Limited Warranty
Watertight connectors on communication rope and cable
Optional Watertight Headset for wet applications

Rescom Modular Safety Ratings

Meets all Intrinsic Safety requirements per CSA C22.2 No. 157-92 and UL #913
For: Class I Div. I Groups A, B, C, D - Class II Div. I Groups E, F,G - Class III Div. I Use with any SCBA
MSHA APPROVED (tested for intrinsic safey in Methane-Air Mixtures Only) Cable System

The Rescom Inter-Operability Interface
is an audio coupler designed to allow the isolated interconnection of the Rescom system with another similar communication system.

A physical matching of receiver and transmitter components of two systems provides the acoustic, non-electrical communications connection.

Compact, easy to use, with the ability to travel conveniently to the necessary location. After the kit is connected to you existing system and Rescom Modular, you will be able to operate both systems simultaneously.

Rescom Modular Training Videos

Click the Image Above for basic instructions on connecting the Rescom Modular Hard Line Communication System - Posted January 20th, 2011

Link to Resom Videos Page
Click the Image Above to see
MHSA Confined Space Training
for P.U.C. Rescue Team, in Kingston, ON., Canada, using Rescom Modular Hard Line Communication
System - Posted March 30th, 2009

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