Lightweight Headset

Boom Microphone

SED’s lightweight headband mounted headset with goose-neck, noise-cancelling boom microphone is ideal for Team Supervisors or entrants who are working in lower noise areas and not requiring a helmet.

  • Single-sided, intrinsically safe, lightweight headset originally designed for use with HALO®.
  • Use with an Intrinsically safe handheld or mobile radio via an SED adapter cord.
  • Gel filled ear cushion ensures the best comfort possible even in hot environments.
  • Electret goose-neck boom microphone provides flexibility, allowing the entrant to adjust the microphone precisely to their preference and comfort.
  • Microphone may be worn on the left or right.
  • Adjustable headband provides a secure, comfortable, no fuss fit.
  • Clothing clip.


Mount: Headband
Weight: 500 gr (18 oz)

Earphone, Single Receiver

Impedance: 150 Ω
Frequency Response: 300 Hz to 4 kHz
Sensitivity @ 1Khz: 73 ± 4 dB

Microphone, Boom

Ambient Noise: For noise levels to 87 dB
Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 5 kHz
Sensitivity: 40 ± 3 dB
Impedance @ 1Hz 1500 Ω

Connection Cord and Termination

Connector: Watertight
Cord: 2.1 m (7’) straight