Vcom Headsets


Vcom headsets provide durable, water resistant ear cup mounted PTT (Push to Talk) and PTM (Push to Mute) buttons, and are designed to withstand extreme weather and working conditions.


The dynamic gooseneck boom microphone provides optimal adjustability. Users will hear important communication, while blocking out harmful noise. The unique combination of adjustable, behind-the-head, steel tension band and two fully adjustable, over the head, Velcro straps provide day long wearing comfort and a secure fit—even under a hard hat or helmet.

  • Dual receivers provide a crisp audio response
  • Excellent voice pick-up in elevated noise environments
  • Dual over-the-head straps with behind the head tension band, provide a secure, comfortable, no fuss fit. 
  • Foam (Gel optional) filled ear cushions ensure the best comfort possible even in hot environments
  • SEDFLEX™ retractile cord jacket is an easy to clean, chemically resistant material