Rescom Modular

Rescom® Elite™

Rescom® Elite™ is an instantly-deployable, Intrinsically Safe, hardline system that is designed to provide clear, effective, and continuous communication for a confined space or a high angle rescue scenario.

Rescom Modular™ Systems

Rescom® Modular™, an intrinsically safe, hard-line system, was designed to provide clear, effective, continuous communication for those who work in extreme conditions.

Rescom® Rope Bag

The Rescom® Modular™ heavy-duty Rope Bag

Portable Communication Reels

Rescom Sales Inc.’s Portable Communication Reels

duraCORE™ Cable

Designed for use on the Rescom® Modular™ communication system, duraCORE™ cable offers Users a tough and resilient communication cable with a Kevlar® strength member.

Safety Communication Rope

What sets the Rescom® Modular™ Communication System apart from other hard-line systems on the market is our 10,000 lb. tensile strength, NFPA rated Safety/Communication Rope.