Rescom® Elite™

Rescom® Elite™ is an instantly-deployable, Intrinsically Safe, hardline system that is designed to provide clear, effective, and continuous communication for a confined space or a high angle rescue scenario.

Rescom Modular™ Systems

Rescom® Modular™, an intrinsically safe, hard-line system, was designed to provide clear, effective, continuous communication for those who work in extreme conditions.

Cygnus Link

With the Cygnus™ Link, Users can separate into two (2) work groups of up to four (4) Users, or operate the system as an eight-User system.


HALO® offers more solutions than any other radio/headset communication system, with the clearest audio quality in the business.


Cygnus™ is Rescom Sales Inc.’s wireless grab and go system, offering clear, full duplex group communication in challenging environments. This system improves safety, efficiency and productivity for up to five (5) Users.

Tour and Training Radio System™

Rescom Sales Inc.’s Tour and Training Radio System™ is designed to be used in site/plant tours, training scenarios and executive presentations.


The Vcom™ vehicle radio/intercom system provides a professional communication interface for use with one (1) or two (2) mobile radios and up to eight (8) headsets.


Rescom Sales Inc. introduces a new concept in industrial, digital, wireless communication systems – the Advanced Industrial Radio System™.