Cygnus Link

With the Cygnus™ Link, Users can separate into two (2) work groups of up to four (4) Users, or operate the system as an eight-User system.

Rescom® Rope Bag

The Rescom® Modular™ heavy-duty Rope Bag

Portable Communication Reels

Rescom Sales Inc.’s Portable Communication Reels

duraCORE™ Cable

Designed for use on the Rescom® Modular™ communication system, duraCORE™ cable offers Users a tough and resilient communication cable with a Kevlar® strength member.

Safety Communication Rope

What sets the Rescom® Modular™ Communication System apart from other hard-line systems on the market is our 10,000 lb. tensile strength, NFPA rated Safety/Communication Rope.


HALO® offers more solutions than any other radio/headset communication system, with the clearest audio quality in the business.


Cygnus™ is Rescom Sales Inc.’s wireless grab and go system, offering clear, full duplex group communication in challenging environments. This system improves safety, efficiency and productivity for up to five (5) Users.

Tour and Training Radio System™

Rescom Sales Inc.’s Tour and Training Radio System™ is designed to be used in site/plant tours, training scenarios and executive presentations.

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