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Industrial & Commercial

Our solid experience in specialized industrial communication products spans decades. If you don’t find what you are looking for ask us… we can help!

Fire & Rescue

Our product range for the Fire & Rescue industry specializes in communicating in hazardous environments, be it explosive, combustible, high angle, high noise or any other challenging situations.

Oil & Gas

We have advanced communication solutions and products for the Oil & Gas industry. Products address high noise and potentially explosive and combustible environments.

New Innovations & Featured Products

Halo Pro® Headsets (Intrinsically Safe)

About Us

For over two decades, Rescom Sales Inc. has offered professionals complete effective communications for the most demanding conditions. When Lives Are On The Line™, we know every second counts and we continually strive to exceed the stringent standards required by our customers.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

With our goals focused on the importance of quality and innovative products, Rescom Sales Inc. has become a global provider of communication solutions for safety and security, nuclear, and industrial industries. Our products have all been designed and tested with our customers, and their unique situations in mind!From basic hearing protection headsets used as accessories to full unified communication and data systems integration, our product selection addresses a vast array of applications. Rescom Sales Inc. continues to seek and understand the demands of our customers, while demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality, reliability and communicating with confidence.

At Rescom Sales Inc., we take pride in offering well-designed and well-built communication equipment. Our products are manufactured and serviced by knowledgeable and dedicated people, and highly respected by a growing number of professionals. At Rescom Sales Inc., we know communications clarity and reliability saves lives.

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