• AP90M (Wireless LAN Access Point)

    • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac compliant
    • PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability
  • IC-SAT100

    One-to-Many Global Communications with a Push of a Button

    • Icom’s IC-SAT-100 allows users around the world to communicate with a group of PTT radios at the push of a button. TO do this , the IC-SAT100 utilizes Iridium® satellite network covering the earth including both poles providing wide area global communication anywhere on the planet.
    • Emergency Functions: Stay alert and informed with he convenient emergency key function. BY holding down the orange key on the top of the radio, an emergency call will be sent to other preprogrammed radios. Users can also use the priority interrupt function to relay important messages.
    • AquaQuake™: With an IP67 rating that means this radio is waterproof up to 1m depth of water for 30 minutes and dustproof. With the AquaQuake™ function, stay assured that the radio stays internally dry. When using the AquaQuake™ function, the radio vibrates and pushes the water out of the grill of the speaker.
    • Secure communication: Communicate confidently with short data messaging of PTT on the secure AES-256 bit encryption key.
    • In building or Vehicle Use: With the optional AH-40 antenna, the IC-SAT100 can be used inside vehicles. With the Bluetooth® capability, operate hands free while driving. To keep it mounted and powered the BC-247 docking station is required.
    • 1 Interoperable Display: The speaker mic boasts a similar display and button layout as the IC-SAT100m. Switch between both the handheld and mobile units with ease. The speaker mic display offers a multi-language function as well.
  • IC-SAT100M

    In-building and In-Vehicle Use Global Satellite Radio

    • Icom ‘s IC-SAT100M is a PTT satellite radio designed for fixed mount operations. Unlike handheld satellite radios, users with the IC-SAT100M do not need to stay outside for a clear view of the sky for a stable communication connection. This global satellite mobile radio’s design provides coverage from vehicle to in-building use. The IC-SAT100m is backed by the Iridium® satellite network, covering the earth including both poles for a true wide area global communication solution.
    • Mobile Uses: The IC-SAT 100m is designed for fixed installations, focus on driving and operate hands free with Bluetooth® capability. Attach the antenna to the roof of your vehicle to send and receive satellite signals. The supplied antenna can also be stored inside the vehicle to avoid any clearance issues. Add the optional AH-40 antenna, to mount on top of the car and conceal it away with a third party cover for a more discreet option.
    • In-building use: Talk with Iridium® satellite network from inside a building. The IC-SAT100m is fit for being the dedicated office satellite radio. Installing a handheld satellite radio in buildings can build up costs and cumbersome installations. The IC-SAT 100m can use a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch as the power supply for the main unit and antenna. A LAN cable maximum of 100m or 328ft. can provide a longer and more cost-efficient solution to in building operations.
    • Advanced System Solutions: with the VE-PG4 gateway system, interconnected various protocols gain true worldwide coverage. For example, connected global satellite communications with Sip IP phones, IDAS™, LTE, WLAN together. With the IP network and the VE-PG4’s built in SIM card, virtualized coverage can be provided.
    • Interoperable display: The speaker mic boasts a similar display and button layout as the handheld IC-SAT100. Switch between both the handheld and mobile units with ease. The speaker mic display offers a multi language function as well.
  • IP100FS (Remote Communicator)

    • Can communicate with IP communication terminal from a PC
    • Can obtain location information of each IP100H based on the access point being used
    • Can be installed on a Windows based table PC as well as a laptop PC


  • IP100H (Handheld wireless network transceiver)

    License-free IP Radio for Wireless Network

    • Easy to set up and use
    • Up to 100 users can communicate at the same time
    • Encryption provides extra security
    • Range is only restricted by your IP network coverage
    • No license fee required, no call charges
    • The IP100H is ideal for use in many settings, including:
      • Warehouses
      • Restaurants/Cafés
      • Hotels/Museums Shopping Malls/Department Stores
      • Security/Guards
      • Hospitals/Care


  • IP501H

    Instant Wide Area Coverage Over LTE

    • Priority Interrupt Calling
    • Communication throughout the Coverage of LTE (4G) and 3G Network
    • Multiple User Communication
    • Industry Leading Compact and Lightweight Body
    • IP67 Dust -Tight and Waterproof
    • Optional Charger Cradle with Bluetooth Function
    • High quality, clear audio using G.726 Vocoder
    • Individual, Group, Talkgroup, Multiplex Talkgroup and All calls
    • Emergency button, Lone Worker and Man Down functions
  • IP501M

    Instant Wide Area Coverage Over LTE

    • Communicate effectively: The IP501m enables use of full duplex communication providing smooth telephone style conversations
    • Priority interrupt calling: the IP501m supports group calls with three or more people
    • Emergency and lone worker functions
    • Individual , group, talk group, multi group calls
    • D-sub 25 pin connector with optional OPC-2407 cable for interfacing other devices
    • ACC connector for ignition sensing function
    • TX Noise cancelling to reduce background noise when operating in noisy environments
    • Optional HM-230 HB COMMAND MIC provides hand held like user interface and more flexibility
  • RC-FS10

    IDAS Network Controller & Remote Communicator

    Control your radio system from a remote office with the RC-FS10 remote communicator. It creates a virtual radio/dispatcher on a Windows® PC. The PC software provides a minimum set of programmable dispatcher console-like functions, like simple repeater control.

    Virtually link up to 16 IDAS repeaters

    The communicator allows for scalable capacity. One remote communicator can connect up to 8 repeaters, or 8 remote communicators can connect to one repeater.

    Coordinate your in-the-field staff remotely

    The PC software will provide a set of programmable dispatcher console-like functions, as well as simple repeater control such as channel changing capability.

    The software is easy to use with a flexible button layout on the PC monitor. Users can program capabilities found in subscriber units on their PC like stun, revive, emergency, status, etc. Users can also log calls and text messages to other users (up to 10 characters). There are also three levels of password security.

    Radio over IP (RoIP) is an expanded version of VoIP, transmitting the radio control signals such as PTT and COR in digital format in addition to the digital voice packets. With RoIP it is possible to offer end to end digital signaling from a handset to any other communications device in the world. RoIP technology eliminates the leased lines previously used to remotely control base stations by tones and, in a RoIP digital implementation there are no conversions from E&M to IP limiting the controls signals available or delaying the speed of signaling. Of course true end to end digital signaling and communications also facilitates end to end encryption for secure communications.

  • SR-VPN1 (Simple VPN Router for Radio over IP)

    For Radio over IP Supports IP Multicast Routing

    • Up to 32 mult-site VPN tunnels
    • IP multicast routing
    • High speed gigabit network
    • Dual WAN ports for automatic failover
    • USB flash drive connection
  • VE-PG3 (RoIP Gateway)

    Radio over IP Gateway

    • Interconnect between IP Phone, analog phone and radio networks
    • Phone calls can be initiated by radio users
    • Site to site communications over an IP network
    • Site to multisite radio communication
  • VE-PG4 (RoIP Gateway)

    Bridges your Land Mobile Radio Systems

    • The VE-PG4 allows you to bridge almost any modern communications system to Icom’s universe of Network products and more
      LTE Transceiver Gateway: Install an LTE Connect SIM card to the built in LTE module and the VE-PG4 can interconnect and the IP501H with conventional radio systems and IP100H terminals. Receive and transfer GPS position information from the IP501H to a PC
    • Bridge connection between Radio Systems: The VE-PG4 with two or more radio systems, even when the systems use different bands. All received audio is bridged to opposing radio system, so a radio user can talk to all connected radio users. The built in digital voice converter converts analog audio to IDAS™ compatible digital audio.
    • IP Phone Interconnect: The built in simplified SIP server can assign extension numbers to IDAS™® radio terminals, IP advanced radio terminals and groups of analog radio users as well as IP phones. A radio user can initiate phone calls. Phone users can make individual or group calls to connected radio users
    • Multi Site Connection Between VE-PG4s : Connect two or more VE-PG4s through LAN or LTE(4G) and 3G networks. The communication area can be flexibly expanded and dispersed radio sites can be connected regardless of distance or radio system used.
    • External Equipment Connection: Public address system, siren, warning light and other external devices can be connected to the VE-PG4. When detecting an emergency signal, users can start emergency notification from either a digital transceiver, IP transceiver or public address system.

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