Rescom® Elite™

Rescom® Elite™ is an instantly-deployable, Intrinsically Safe, hardline system that is designed to provide clear, effective, and continuous communication for a confined space or a high angle rescue scenario.

Rescom Modular™ Systems

Rescom® Modular™, an intrinsically safe, hard-line system, was designed to provide clear, effective, continuous communication for those who work in extreme conditions.

Cygnus Link

With the Cygnus™ Link, Users can separate into two (2) work groups of up to four (4) Users, or operate the system as an eight-User system.

Vcom Headsets


Vcom headsets provide durable, water resistant ear cup mounted PTT (Push to Talk) and PTM (Push to Mute) buttons, and are designed to withstand extreme weather and working conditions.



SED Inc.’s noise attenuating hearing protectors provide consistent, comfortable protection and superior sound quality. The entrant will hear important sounds, while blocking out harmful noise.

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset

SED Inc.’s Bluetooth® headsets provide noise attenuating hearing protectors, comfortable protection and superior sound quality.

Communication Rope

What sets Rescom® Modular™apart from other hard-lined systems in the world is our 10,000-lb. test, NFPA rated Communication Rope.