RedHawk SA (for your current communications system)

Manage field assets, resources and incidents better by integrating RedHawk SA into your current communications system

  • P25 and analog
  • Can be encrypted
  • Send and receive text messages
  • More accurate GPS locating
  • Store, send and GOTO waypoints and users
  • Built-in, rechargeable 18 hour battery
  • Compatible with mobile transceivers
  • Built-in joystick controller – Scroll through menus to select individual screens and functions using the RedHawk SA’s built-in joystick controller.


  • Maptech Navigator Pro with terrain navigator Pro Team Tracker Upgrade. ESRI ARC RedHawk SA Upgrade
  • Additional Features
  • Locate, poll and set a course, and navigate to a field unit
  • See tracks made by other field units in relation to your position, and set a course
  • Download all tracks from the unit via USB cable should you need to transfer data to a PC
  • Access GIS information for all users on the same radio channel that are in the same group
  • See asset and field unit/resource location, speed, heading, direction and altitude
  • See all the tracks made by other users showing search areas covered or travelled
  • See the relative distance of a field unit as it relates to the user
  • Set a course to a remote user, once in motion calculate the estimated time of arrival and distance to be travelled
  • Poll a unit: If a field unit has not been heard from, send a command to receive and update the info


  • IP54 water resistant – OK to use in the rain
  • 2.5 mm ear phone jack: Using an earpiece with the unit silences the unit’s built-in speaker
  • Built-in Electronic Compass for navigation to field units and set/received waypoints
  • A 120 × 140 transflective LCD monochrome grayscale display – highly viewable, even in sunlight
  • High sensitivity Atmel® GPA receiver chip set with built-in antenna
  • Size: 59 (W) × 114 (H) × 30 (D)mm; 2.32″ (W) × 4.48″ (H) × 1.18″ (D)
  • Weight: Approx. 115g (4.16 oz), with lithium ion battery
  • Powered by a 3.7V / 1200mAh Li-Polymer battery that is recharged via USB connection from the mic to a PC, or 110/240 to 5 VDC, or 12 VDC to 5 VDC


  • RedHawk SA-BATT-1; Spare 3.7 V Li-ion battery
  • RedHawk SA-USB-1; Spare USB to GPS cable
  • RedHawk SA-BATT-CHG-1; 100-240 VAC to 5 Volt USB Power Adapter/Charger
  • RedHawk SA-BATT-CHG-2; 12 Battery Bank Charger, 12 VDC Input
  • RedHawk CP-RHL 10-30VDC; Cigarette Lighter Plug, charged up to 4 RH units


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