IC-F5122DD/F6122DD (VHF/UHF Data transceivers)

General Purpose Transparent Data Modem

  • Application Examples
  • Farm vehicle management
  • Traffic monitoring systems
  • Weather/environment monitoring
  • Utilities (water works/electricity meters)
  • Airport ground vehicle management
  • Oil (pipelines/well drilling) management
  • Road/highway construction traffic management
  • Various gate control applications
  • Utilities (water works/electricity meters)

Application Examples

  • 9600bps (at 12.5kHz) and 4800bps (at 6.25kHz) data mode programmable
  • RS-232 and RS-232 + Ethernet versions
  • Individual, group, and all calls
  • Memory channel selection via PC control command
  • BNC antenna connector
  • Fast data transfer using 4-level FSK modulation suitable for real-time data monitoring
  • 25W, 10W and 2.5W three-step RF output power
  • Data encryption function (500 codes)
  • Optional CS-F5120DD, Programming Software and OPC-2218LU, USB type Programming Cable

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