Use And Care For Boom Microphones

All SED Inc Boom Microphones are equipped with a high-stability gooseneck, which keeps the microphone in place during intense activities.  For best audio quality, the microphone should be positioned in its most optimal position by following these steps for care and use:

  1. The boom microphone of your headset may be adjusted by bending the gooseneck as required. 
  2. To assure that your breath is not directed at the microphone, place the microphone at the corner of your mouth at a maximum of 5 mm (1/4”) distance.  This eliminates breathing noise and reduces the chance of moisture and ice forming on the microphone in cold applications.
  3. Ensure the word “Talk”, if printed on the Boom Microphone (under the windscreen), is always oriented
    toward the face.
  4. Windscreens should be washed regularly with mild soap and water.
  5. For hygienic reasons, replace the windscreen with each new User.
  6. For best performance reasons, replace windscreens every 3 months or if there are obvious signs of environmental debris like dust or sand clogging the foam pores.

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