• Ulti-mate® – Belt-mounted VOX/PTT Interface (Non-Intrinsically Safe)

    • Non-Intrinsically Safe variant of Halo® UM
    • Easy to locate and use Push-To-Talk (PTT)
    • Recessed or raised PTT button available
    • VOX mode allows hands-free radio operation
    • Hands-Free VOX Mode/System – VOX activation in 3ms, means no words or partial words are clipped
    • 360° rotating spring steel Clothing Clip 
    • Full Duplex Communication capable (depending on host radio)
    • Compatible with a wide variety of headsets
    • Jam-proof Switches
    • Energy Efficient – 120hr Battery life
    • Powered by rechargeable battery 
    • Switch Guard prevents accidental VOX shut off
    • Curly Cord, SEDFLEX, Extended Length: 1.2m (4”)
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty


  • V-Mic™ – Victim Locator Mic

    • Intrinsically Safe:  When used with Rescom Elite® and Rescom® Modular™ system
    • Compact:  Will fit through a 2” diameter opening
    • Minimalistic design:  Instantly deployable and Intuitive connectivity
    • Expandable:  Can be operated by a two-person team, but may be expanded as necessary
    • RF Immune:  Resistant to nearby RF Interference, multiple systems can be deployed in close proximity
    • Easy-Twist™ Connectors: Military-style bayonet Connector can be easily disconnected while wearing gloves
    • Rugged & Durable:  Rust-proof construction
    • Watertight:  Watertight up to 1 meter
  • Vcom™ – Professional Vehicle Communication Hub

    • Intercom and, connectivity for 1 or 2 radios
    • Easy to install and intuitive use
    • Affordable, compact and reliable
    • Connects up to 8 Users
    • Full Duplex Communication 
    • Personal Volume Control
    • DEVO DSP – Digital Speech Processor (optional)
    • Smallest Dash-Mount Radio Select Switch in the industry (optional)
    • Power supplied by Vehicle Battery 11.5V – 26V DC
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • Ability to monitor 2 Radios simultaneously
    • Dual Jack Boxes with single or dual function
    • Space-saving headset jack ports

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