Halo Pro® UM – Belt-mounted VOX/PTT Interface (Intrinsically Safe)

  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Easy to locate and use Push-To-Talk (PTT)
  • Recessed (UM7) or raised (UM8) PTT button available
  • VOX mode allows hands-free radio operation
  • Hands-Free VOX Mode/System – VOX activation in 3ms, means no words or partial words are clipped
  • 360° rotating spring steel Clothing Clip 
  • Appropriate for use up to 118dB (Boom Microphone) or up to 123dB (Throat Microphone)
  • Full Duplex Communication capable (depending on host radio)
  • Compatible with a wide variety of headsets
  • Jam-proof Switches
  • Energy Efficient – 120hr Battery life
  • Powered by rechargeable battery 
  • Switch Guard prevents accidental VOX shut off
  • Curly Cord, SEDFLEX, Extended Length: 1.2m (4”)
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Halo Pro® Series offers more Intrinsically Safe Radio accessories than any other Radio Communication System in the market.  It allows users to connect Headsets and Radios using a UM (VOX/PTT) or SRI (PTT only) interface or just connect the headsets with a host radio.  Hazmat, high noise, and wet and dirty environments can finally be handled with confidence using the Halo Pro® Intrinsically Safe series.  The belt or carabiner mount Interfaces are energy efficient and can last several days without recharging.  With a choice of application-specific Headsets and the clearest audio in the business, the Halo Pro® Series makes it easy to add versatility to your existing Radio Communication System without compromising intrinsic safety.

HALO Pro® UM Interface can be fitted to the most popular brands of hand-held Radios, via an adapter cable.  It is available in two variants i.e., with a recessed (UM7) or raised (UM8) PTT button, providing Users more flexibility to use it in various environments.  Using the Halo Pro® UM 7/8 Interface, the User can communicate either by PTT mode or VOX mode.  The jam-proof PTT button makes HALO Pro® UM a perfect choice for use with bulky gloves and tight spaces.  For PTT mode, one can press the large easy to find 1.5” (4cm) button.  For VOX mode, switch the unit to the “ON” position and then one can communicate hands-free.  A switch guard prevents accidental VOX shut-off during operation and the VOX mode LED indicator provides low battery indication.  Radio traffic is monitored at all times, regardless of the mode, so you never miss an emergency announcement.

What is Intrinsically Safe?

Intrinsically Safe means that the system is incapable of causing an explosion or being a source of ignition in the presence of potentially explosive or combustible materials and gases.  In other words, the equipment and wiring are incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause the ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture in its most easily ignited concentration.  OSHA and MSHA have many reports of fires caused by non-intrinsically safe systems.  Preventing fire and explosions is a top priority for all industries around the world. 

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Additional information

Max. Headset Connections

1 per Interface

Full Duplex Communication (2-way)

Yes, depends on Radio

VOX (Voice Activated)


Push-To-Talk (PTT)


Push-To-Mute (PTM)


DSP (Digital Signal Processor)


System Type

Wired to mate with Radio

Radio Compatible


AM/FM Radio


Intercom Feature


Intrinsically Safe


Redundant Power Supply


Hearing Aid Compatibility


Personal Volume Control

No, only via Radio



RFI Immune (Radio Frequency Interference)


Transmit Power


Communication Range


Power Supply Type

Rechargeable Battery

Battery Life

120 hrs.

Power Supply Range

Universal Charger – 100V – 240V AC

Low battery Indicator


Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Product Dimensions

5.4” x 2.6” x 2”

Limited Warranty

2 Years




  • Confined Space
  • Fire/Rescue
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Military/Ballistic Helmet or with Hardhats
  • Storage Tank Cars or Ship’s Holds
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Silos and Grain Elevators
  • Sewer Maintenance


  • Remote Speaker and attachment assembly for Headset
  • Throat Microphone, In-Mask Microphone or Helmet Mounted Microphone 
  • Radio Adapter Cord
  • Universal Charger


  • Intrinsically Safe and Non-Incendive Equipment for Use in Hazardous Locations
  • CSA C22.2 No. 157-92 (R1999) and UL #913 standards to meet all parts thereof and describes as:
      • Class I Div. I Groups A, B, C, D
      • Class II Div. I Groups E, F, G
      • Class III Div. I
      • Gaseous Mines
      • ITS File No. 3099473CRT-002

Compatible Headsets

Intrinsically Safe Headsets – Halo Pro®


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